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Welcome to Laufen-in-Eichwalde.de

This page provides information for all runs and allows to enroll for running events in Eichwalde.
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How to create an account?

  • You register once with your personal data, which you can change when needed. The data are used for every further enrollments. Registration will not take longer than 2 minutes and has to be done only once!
  • as a registered user you can easily log-in and enroll for all available events.

How do I enroll for an event?

  • Login
  • follow the link 'My Registration' in the menu (left side)
  • choose an event
  • print registration form


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last update: April 25, 2023, 3:46 pm
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49 1871 3728 Jörg Langhammer, 28 runs
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